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Common Problems Addressed By Family Lawyers In Sydney

Did you know that most judges (across the world) hate divorce cases? This is probably because the people who are the least responsible for this event are the ones that are the most affected. Yes, children are often the ones who've hurt the most! 

As a responsible parent, you must make sure that the impact on your children is least. You can always speak to one of the many family lawyers in Sydney and seek help to soften the blow on them. If you want to know more about the best trusted family law firm in Sydney, then search the browser.

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Following are the common questions addressed by most Sydney family lawyers;

We have decided to separate. What happens to the property?

Separation does not call for any formal arrangement for the property. This happens only when you are divorced. The law applies the same to those who are married and those who have lived in a de facto relationship. 

This again is the same irrespective of the fact that the couples are of the same manhood or not. Partners who're divorced should start property separation proceedings within 12 months of the divorce. As for those living in a de facto relationship, this should start within two years.

What are the things (property) that can be separated?

Property refers to cash, investments, real estate including property, personal assets like cars, furniture, etc., and property owned before the marriage, gift, inheritance, lottery, etc. This is considered irrespective of the fact that they're in joint or sole custody. 

Even money received from superannuation schemes is also considered property and can be divided accordingly.