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African Masks – A Fine Tribal Art

Traditional African masks are among the elements of African artwork which have most evidently affected European and Western artwork generally. African tribal masks are used in ceremonies and rituals. 

These tribal African masks are worn by most men, while some by girls. Many types are worn by both genders. Generally, masks have a tendency to signify spirits or beings significant to the ritual where the mask is used. To get more information about fine tribal art visit

fine tribal art

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To African cultures, masks are not playthings or decorations. They may serve a significant part in ceremonies or rituals to guarantee a fantastic harvest, address tribal needs in time of war or peace, or communicate spiritual presences from burial ceremonies or initiation rituals . 

Ritual and ceremonial masks are a vital feature of the traditional civilization of the individual of part of Africa. While the special consequences connected with ritual masks widely vary in different civilizations, a few traits are typical to the majority of African cultures. 

For example, masks normally have a religious and spiritual significance and they're used in ritual dances and spiritual and social occasions, and a particular status is credited to the artists who produce masks to people who wear them . 

Typically, mask-making is an art that's passed from father to son, together with the wisdom of the symbolic meanings communicated by these masks. African masks are available in all different colors , including red, orange, black, and brown.