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Garage Door Openers – Everything You Need To Know

You will learn everything you need about safety sensors for garage doors openers. We will discuss definitions, their importance, how to replace damaged or defective sensors, and why you shouldn't ignore them.

Two safety sensors are included in a garage door opener system. The first is located on the receiver, while the second is located on the transmitter. The connector cables can be used to distinguish them. The transmitter will have a solid-white cable while the receiver will have a black/white cable.

No matter what your Vivint garage door sensor do, the door will always open regardless of whether they are functioning. The sensors must be connected and functioning properly in order for the door to close.


Why Vivint sensors are so important

They are essential components of the garage opener system as they tell it to open or close. They are designed to prevent small children from being crushed by the door's weight. They can be useful for many reasons, including:

  • Protecting animals from injury
  • Preventing damage to the user's vehicle
  • Stop the user from damaging the door

How to replace damaged or defective parts

It is possible to repair the parts, but most people prefer to replace them. Most parts come with brackets and a limited manufacturer warranty.

The sensors, when assembled, measure approximately 3x10x9 inches and average two pounds. These sensors are usually sold in pairs and cost around $40. You will need to locate the sensors in order to replace damaged or defective parts.

Make sure you label the cables of each sensor as follows:

  • Receiver: Black and white cable
  • Only transmitter: White cable

First, unplug the power supply from the opener. Next, remove the damaged or defective part. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to re-wire the parts and then turn on the power supply.