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Tips For Cleaning The Commercial Refrigeration Units

Commercial refrigeration is a company investment — and should be looked after like any other investment. Commercial refrigeration units need daily basis cleaning (especially if they contain sellable food items for retail purposes).

As maintaining your commercial refrigeration in the high hygienic condition is concerned, regularity is important. Aim to wash your refrigeration units once weekly and schedule it to some team member's weekly duties so it becomes a habit. To get more information about refrigeration case cleaning visit

 refrigeration case cleaning

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When to Clean Your Commercial Refrigeration Components

When food spillage occurs inside the commercial refrigeration unit, try to wash the inside immediately. Goal to dust off your refrigeration units once a week, both on the horizontal side and top panels, as well as the back which is often overlooked when cleaning pipes units.

How to Clean Your Commercial Fridges

Cleaning your commercial refrigeration should be done in some steps:

1:Start by unplugging the cooling unit, then disassemble the entire contents into another freezer or refrigerator to prevent heating.

2: Using a general-purpose cleaner and non-abrasive cleaning cloth; remove the entire inside and outside the unit as a whole. Scrub the cleaning cloth with water and then wash it down again.

3: Use the surface disinfectant spray to cover the entire outside and inside the cooling unit. Remove with a dry, non-abrasive cloth.