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Tips for Designing a Great Window Sign in Canada

Promoting your store sale with a motivating window sign will attract shoppers all the way from your front door to the cash register.

Sale signs in the window are like a blinking light on your storefront which will catch the attention of impulse buyers, bargain shoppers, and return customers. You can also get the best business sign service by clicking at:

Business Signs in Canada – National Neon Signs Since 1949.

Great-looking window signs are one of the least expensive ways to make a sale successful, but how do you design a window sign that makes an impact?

Be Bold

Design your window sign using colors that attract new customers. If you look at your competitors, the majority of sale signs you will see are red. Red is the most-famous color for window decals and sale signs because it is one of the brightest and most-noticeable colors against different backgrounds. Part of designing an effective sale sign is getting noticed, but you also want your sign to represent your store. If red isn't consistent with the look and feel of your store, try other bold colors like hot pink, orange, or bright blue.

It's Not Always Black and White

When designing window signs, let your inner designer out, and grab a color wheel if necessary. The information on your sign should be big, bold, and readable. The first step is to choose a text color that highly-contrasts your background color. To see in the dark you need some light! For dark backgrounds, use white or light-colored text, and for lighter backgrounds choose a darker, bold color for text.