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Sponsoring Spouses Who Are Illegally Resident

Many Canadians marry foreign brides in Canada even though they are not legal residents there. Prior to 2005, it was illegal to sponsor your spouse who was overseas if they were illegally in Canada. A change of public order for illegal immigrants who are legally married to Canadians or permanent residents of Canada now allows spouses to be sponsored regardless of their immigration status.

If your spouse resides in Canada illegally, they must resolve their illegal status issue straight from the source before applying for funding. The first step is to apply for a temporary residence permit. Applications made by Canada for citizenship and immigration. Upon completion, it must be sent to the Case Processing Center (CPC) in Alberta, along with proof of payment and supporting documents.

Guidelines for Sponsoring a Spouse in Canada - The Social Magazine

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If a temporary residence permit is denied, your partner can ask out of humanity and compassion. Once you have been granted temporary residence, you can appeal for sponsorship for your mate by presenting a sponsorship certificate to Canadian Citizenship and Immigration. Your spouse must apply for permanent residence. 

Your spouse's previous immigration violations will be ignored. However, if your partner is found to be ineligible in Canada, their application will be rejected and they will not be able to appeal the decision. The inability to accept it resulted in the deportation of your spouse.

If your partner falls into one of the following categories, they will be deemed ineligible for Canada:

  • Convicted of human rights violations
  • Have a family member who does not meet the requirements
  • Participation in organized crime
  • If your spouse leaves Canada before the visa and permanent residency sponsorship agreement is issued, they may not be eligible to return to Canada.