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Warhammer 40k Game – The Defenders Of The Imperium

In the unique and fascinating world of the Warhammer 40k tabletop game, the Imperium of Man, the greatest human empire ever built is in a constant battle with alien races that would stop at nothing to destroy everything that gets in their way.

According to the story behind the game table 40k, mankind has survived the Dark Age of Technology through the efforts of the Emperor, who created the empire. For more information about warhammer models visit

Warhammer 40k Game

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Today, the Emperor and even the human body is destroyed, which is the result of the Horus Heresy, it still provides great energy to guide the navigators as they travel through the galaxy. 

On the front line of defense against its enemies, Imperium is Space Marines. This super soldier was created through genetic therapy, surgical modification, and hypnotic indoctrination of most elite defenders of mankind. 

Although some of these soldiers have fallen into the hands of Chaos and turned their backs on the Imperium, the space marines have still proven their loyalty to the Emperor and to the Imperium time and time again.

Space Marines are fighting alongside the brave soldiers of the Imperial Guard. In contrast to the space marines, imperial guards draw their strength in numbers. They are the largest human army game table 40k and they resemble a futuristic version of a modern army.

The Imperial Guard is composed of billions of humans brave soldiers fighting with artillery, tanks, and other merchandise warfare and is often described as a hammer defense Imperium because of the power they could pound the enemy in their way.