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Techniques For Reducing Disputes In Neighborhood

It's often the case that the neighbor with the dog isn't aware it's a problem to others. The problem with neighbors not being able to communicate with one another about difficult issues is disputes which can escalate into full-blown lawsuits.

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Mediation allows the parties to have a peaceful conversation. Mediation also helps neighbors listen to each other. It is difficult for people to listen to each other during a dispute.

Problem is that no one shares their concerns and needs with each other even if they are staying in the same street.

Here are some techniques that can be used for reducing disputes:

1. Talk to your neighbor about your concerns.

2. Use "I" phrases to express your concerns instead of "you." Example: "I am concerned about my child's safety while he plays in the street because of the dog barking."

3. Ask your neighbor questions to find out how you can work together to solve the problem.

4. If your neighbor has concerns, ask them.

5. You can offer to help your neighbor with a common issue or a unique problem.

6. Write a friendly note to your neighbor if they won't or can't talk with you. Then give it time before following up.

7. Do not threaten to file a lawsuit to escalate the situation.

These techniques will help you avoid a lawsuit over a dispute in your neighborhood. If you feel the problem is getting worse, mediation may be an option. This will allow you and your neighbor to talk in a safe setting.