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The Importance Of Commercial Roof Maintenance

A well-maintained roof is essential for any structure. On public property, you want to make sure that those who pass by or work in the facility are as safe as possible. 

Maintaining the roof will keep the rest of the building in good health such as the ceiling, walls, and foundation. You can even consult a roof specialist in London via for the type of roof you should choose for your home safety.

There are various problems that can be detrimental to your commercial roofs such as pooling, bubbling, loose flashing, and more. It is always better to have these fixed right away, rather than having safety and financial burdens later.

Here’s what you should always look out for: 

Design Flaws –

Many commercial buildings in Toronto are older than 30 years. Previous building regulations were not like the ones we have in place today. Over the years, the construction industry has evolved and new design specs, safety precautions, etc have been added to the mixture. These are put in place to ensure the structure is well built, safe, and has a longer lifespan. 

Replacing a commercial roof can be costly, so make sure you hire a professional company that specializes in flat roofing. Professional Roofers will visit the property for free, give you our recommendations, and ALWAYS provide you with a warranty. 

Pooling Water –

One of the most common issues of a design flaw is pooling water. A flat roof is never 100% flat. There needs to be a slight slope so that rainwater and melted snow can find their way to the drains. Tiny spots of water are fine as they will dry up with the sun. However, huge puddles of sitting water are never good as they will begin to deteriorate your roof.