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The Importance Of Emergency Medical Services

Many emergencies happen anytime, anywhere. This could be a serious accident or sudden cardiac arrest for the passenger. Such events often appear in newspapers and many such incidents are hidden in unknown places.

Regardless of the nature of the emergency, they always need help on hand and as soon as possible. Emergency medical care is aimed at providing the help that a person or many people need when they are caught in an unpleasant or unusual event. You can find information regarding emergency medical services in Kenya via

emergency medical services

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Such services, if provided effectively, are appreciated and those who provide such services are treated with the utmost respect. The most common cases that require immediate medical attention are major road or highway accidents, epileptic seizures, cardiovascular attacks, and major mass accidents.

The rescue service mainly has two separate stations. The first is prehospital care or pre-clinical care for patients. This first station mainly includes first aid services and emergency transportation, mostly emergency services.

The second station of the ambulance service is to provide medical care to patients as soon as they reach the hospital. Usually, some local medical staff or trained paramedics are assigned to handle the emergency room.

If the case proves serious, a senior doctor is called in to treat the patient. The second emergency department station becomes meaningless if the patient does not arrive at the hospital on time.