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The Words with Friends and Scrabble Words

Scrabble and Words with Friends offer a huge range of options. With over 100 tiles and plenty of space on the board, players have hundreds of possible plays. To inspire you, this article will discuss the top Scrabble words used by tournament players. You often ask yourself that  how to master word scramble games? The answer is, you can find many scrabble solvers online.

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Start with your opening play. The highest-scoring word that you can use to start a new play using all of the tiles available is MUZJIKS. This earns you a staggering one hundred and twenty-eight points. SQUEEZY and QUARTZY are two other words in the international Scrabble Dictionary.

They are worth one hundred and twenty-six points each. These words are not likely to be found in your first play. However, they are good to scrabble words and worth keeping in mind for regular play.

Five words from the North American Scrabble dictionary are capable of a staggering three hundred and ninety-two points each. These words are: BEZIQUES and CAZIQUES; MEZQUITE MEEZQUITS; and OXAZEPAM. The word must be spelled on two squares of triple-words, with a tile at high points on the double-letter score (e.g. a Z tile, Q tile, or X tile). This is when you play the word on the board and connect it to an existing word. Points at this scale are rare, therefore.