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UK Partner Visa Application – Preparing A Statutory Declaration

If you're organizing and creating your UK partner visa application, the basis for your eligibility is a relationship with a UK permanent citizen. You must create and include a statutory statement to support your application. In this article, you will read some useful tips to help make your own declaration of statutory requirements. 

While it isn't included as a required document in the department's checklist it is suggested to prepare the sworn statement of the statutory requirement and submit it alongside your application. You can search for online solicitors who certify your document by searching phrases like “statutory declaration near me” or “statutory declaration solicitor”.

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The reason you should prepare the declaration is to provide your case officer with an explanation of the relationship you have with each other. In addition, you will provide reasons for the evidence that you're offering.

Write the declaration of statutory law in an objective and factual manner. Avoid long descriptions and subjective assertions. There is a rare exception where the need for subjective statements is necessary and pertinent. This is the case for certain sections of your legal declaration. For instance, you may include statements that are subjective within the 'Nature and character of the parties and their commitment to one another section.