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Understanding Accreditation Standards in General Practice

To become a GP in Australia, you will need to complete an accredited four-year program. The Australian General Practice Accreditation Board (AGPAB) provides accreditation of general practices  programs that meet specific requirements. 

The Med CPD Career Health website has detailed information about the required courses and the application process. Once you have completed your accredited program, you will need to pass the Med CPD’s licensing examination. 


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If you are interested in becoming a GP in Australia, our blog is a good place to start your research. We have written about topics such as the accreditation process, the licensing examination, and what it takes to be successful as a GP. What is the difference between a GP and a family doctor?

You will often find two different terms used to describe a GP: General Practitioners (GPs) and Family Doctors (FDs). The term “GP” is used in every state. However, some states have made changes to their laws over time. In Queensland, for example, GPs are known as general practitioners and family doctors are called advanced practice clinicians (APCs), while in New South Wales they are called general practitioners or family doctors. In Victoria, general practitioners can call themselves “provisional specialist medical practitioners” (PSMPs).