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Walking Holidays In Ireland

With today's fast paced pace, things are so busy and rushed that we are bound to miss out on the simpler pleasures of life. Often, the best way to experience more is to slow down, take the time to watch and listen, and be prepared to pause and wait. But for that we have to run. 

The ideal destination for walking and hiking is Ireland. From the stunning coastlines of Donegal and Antrim to the rolling countryside and picturesque mountains of Kerry. For those in the know, Ireland is a well-kept secret – stunning views and away from the crowds. You won't be walking down the aisle with an alligator with other people.

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To get you thinking and hiking, we've rounded up our favorite Ireland roads – to help you plan your travel plans.

The Sheep's Head Road takes you straight to the tip of the Sheep's Head Peninsula in southwest Cork. Bantry Bay is to the north and Dunmanus Bay to the south, connected by a narrow ridge culminating in the Seefin Hills.

You can choose to hike the 28-mile (46.5 km) Burren Way along the Clare coast, the Cliffs of Moher and the limestone plateau. Or you can walk the short section of Burren Way Green Road. It's a beautiful spring ride with lots of wildflowers.

Dingle Street around the Dingle Peninsula, one of the most beautiful and special places in Ireland. You'll pass the Dingle Gael Beat, where Gaelic is spoken, and if you wait a bit, enjoy the live music, dance and culture that are part of everyday life in the area. Dingle Way tickets can be purchased online.