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What Are RFID Tags & Its Use?

RFID tags (or radio frequency identification tags) are a microchip that can attach to products and transmits data using radio waves in a wireless network. The RFID tags transmit this data to the RFID reader, which can track it even at distances of many meters.

These tags are equipped with an electronic circuit. The data stored within them is transmitted via signals. An RFID reader can send signals to the antenna, which will return important information like a number and any personal information that can be personalized. 

This antenna is used for supply chain management and RFID tracking in many industries. RFID tags will communicate with each other, which can be read by an electronic reader. 

RFID tags

The reader connects to a larger network, which will transmit the details to the retailer. The details are sent to your bank, and the amount is deducted from your account. There's no need to stand in long lines for your shopping.

RFID tracking is now being used in consumer products around the globe. This is a very valuable feature for manufacturers as it allows them to track the product's progress from its manufacture until the moment it is added to your shopping cart. 

RFID tracking can also be used in cars, airplane passengers, pets, and Alzheimer's patients.