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What is an Omnichannel Contact Center?

An omnichannel contact center is a piece of software that streamlines business communication by real-time updating of all available customer service and communication channels.

Conversations that begin on Facebook Messenger can be seamlessly transferred to SMS texting, a phone call, a website chat, or another channel, picking up where they left off regardless of the mode of communication. For more information regarding omnichannel contact center, you can visit this link –

Interactions are automatically synced across multiple channels, allowing representatives to quickly review the entire conversation history before assisting the customer. Customers can also select their preferred mode of communication, resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction and a more personalized experience.

The preferred channels for omnichannel cloud contact centers include:

  • Web conferencing

  • VoIP telephony

  • Virtual faxing

  • Live website chat messaging

  • SMS text messaging

  • Social media messaging (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

  • Email

It is important to understand that call center software and omnichannel contact center solutions are not the same things.

While the term "call centers" implies a telephone-first communication strategy, "contact centers" provide a variety of communication channels. The "most important" channel will be determined by a company's target market's trends and behavior.

In other words, millennials may find that social media is their most popular communication channel, whereas a food delivery service may find that their customers prefer to communicate via website chat or SMS text message. However, omnichannel contact centers are not the same as multichannel contact centers.